A great article on Web 2.0

I’ve just come across this article on TechNewsWorld, Web 2.0 Has Corporate America Spinning.  Author Robert Hof is from BusinessWeek Online, and covers pretty much everything that is Web 2.0 or has to do with Web 2.0.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, this is a good place to start, to learn about the applications that are the "new internet," and what kinds of business/management adaptations will be made in the near future to accomodate Web 2.0, and to keep up with it.


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TimesSelect, we’re not worthy

Mark Glaser, of MediaShift, has been suggesting turning New York Times columnists into bloggers.  His argument is that we shouldn’t have to pay TimesSelect to get our information, and that instead of the journalists receiving their income from the TimesSelect revenues from subscriber fees, they could generate income through ad sales…Some have been pointing out his reasoning as faulty.  Would these journalists make good bloggers, and therefore actually be able to create an equal "salary" from the ads?  Or is it not even worth debating, because TimesSelect is a service worthy of pay?

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The Scobleizer has left the building

Robert Scoble, the well-known blogger of Microsoft fame, has left Microsoft to join PodTech.net.  He claims to be leaving Microsoft amicably, but no doubt the giant company will feel the loss of his presence.  Scoble helped create a positive public opinion of Microsoft through open discussion and informed critique.  Find more info here.

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Blog bottomfeeders

"How low will you go?" is the question at hand.  Eric Ward of MarketingProfs.com’s Daily Fix Blog is trying to qualify blog linking strategies, between the "link whores" and the legitimates.  Since high page rankings on search engines come from inbound web links, many have engaged in sideways tactics to try to boost their page.  Find out more here.

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Six Apart’s new blogging tool

"Vox, currently known by its code name ‘Comet,’ is a free, hosted blogging service.
It is Six Apart’s fourth blogging platform, following Moveable Type,
LiveJournal and TypePad, which combined have over 30 million users
worldwide, according to the company."  To switch or not to switch?  More info here or check out the preview site here.

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New blog book

Bloggers Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written a new book on blogging, titled "Naked Conversations," and it’s premise is "How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers."  The book is supposedly not just technology speak, but also a good read for business leaders.  Find out more here.

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Will Microsoft buy eBay?

"'[Microsoft] can either improve MSN to make
it more of a real competitor to Google, or it can take a different
approach, for example by buying eBay,’ said Martin Reynolds, an analyst
at Gartner. ‘Google is quietly creeping up on Microsoft, and eBay would
take Microsoft in a whole new direction.’" 
Articles are out speculating the purchase of eBay by Microsoft, springing from a report in the New York Post recently which stated that Microsoft and eBay were in preliminary talks.  Microsoft is interested in buying out eBay to merge it with MSN.  It also doesn’t hurt that upon buying out eBay, Microsoft would acquire Skype, which eBay gained last year.  Find more info here.

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