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Will Microsoft buy eBay?

"'[Microsoft] can either improve MSN to make
it more of a real competitor to Google, or it can take a different
approach, for example by buying eBay,’ said Martin Reynolds, an analyst
at Gartner. ‘Google is quietly creeping up on Microsoft, and eBay would
take Microsoft in a whole new direction.’" 
Articles are out speculating the purchase of eBay by Microsoft, springing from a report in the New York Post recently which stated that Microsoft and eBay were in preliminary talks.  Microsoft is interested in buying out eBay to merge it with MSN.  It also doesn’t hurt that upon buying out eBay, Microsoft would acquire Skype, which eBay gained last year.  Find more info here.


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Nintendo Wii to be cheapest of new consoles

Nintendo has announced that the Wii will not cost more than $250.  With the Sony Playstation 3 coming in two versions, at $499 and $599, and the Microsoft Xbox 360 of last fall in two versions at $299 and $399, Nintendo is rolling out the cheapest new option in consoles.  I am already a bigger Nintendo fan, but this certainly doesn’t hurt.  The next generation consoles will be available fourth quarter of this year.  More info here.

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